About Us

Shaping customer interfaces
Enable companies to continue making a difference to their customers

Headstart Business Solutions, Inc. is an information and communications technology (ICT) company that was established in June 2003 with a management team consisting of successful career professionals and entrepreneurs. Starting with a team of less than 10 total company size, Headstart now has over 80 employees. We also have a network of consultants who provide services when there is a need to augment our workforce for specific engagements. We provide solutions to companies and institutions who want to strengthen or optimize processes that manage their customer life cycle. HeadStart also provides consulting services to companies and institutions who want to use technology-based or technology assisted customer interfaces.

Why choose Headstart?

Here are top five reasons to partner with Headstart:

1. Nationwide Presence

Headstart is now one of the fastest growing IT companies for e-learning and management solutions across the country.

2. Proven Track Record

Over the years, Headstart managed to have a proven track record in providing the highest service standards in the area of education and in different types of business solutions. Our company also consists of career-oriented individuals with outstanding credentials and expertise in their fields reflected by our continuous success with all our clients.

3. Client Focus

Every client engagement is unique for Headstart. We customize our services based on the needs of our client.

4. Extensive Industry Network

With Headstart’s client portfolio covering diverse industries, we are able to expand our network and broaden our know-how in providing business solutions to all types of institutions and companies.

5. Three Service Components

We always implement our three service components based on best management practices: