Client Base

Our company always had an advocacy in education especially in the improvement of our country’s competency in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT). HeadStart works hand in hand with Techfactors, Inc. in innovating products and services that will uplift our youth’s orientation towards technology. With our growing clients in the education sector, we are able to broaden our know-how in the different areas involved with education. With the difference that OSIRiS makes, schools are able to automate effectively and streamline their core processes. We also have ParentLine text-messaging service to enable parents become more involved with their children’s performance and needs in school; and Parentline Tracker , a convenient way to inform parents that their child has entered or left the school premises in real time.

As business solutions provider, we have extended our expertise in the medical field as we strive to make health institutions work better with their customers. We have been offering IT services to medical societies and pharmacuetical companies including technical support, programming services, development of websites and consulting services. We also offer our E-learning services to technology-driven learning of medical practitioners using hing-end software and hardware tools. Distance learning become more effective using our best practices based on proven methodologies.

Since we have been working around with a lot of corporate clients, including retailers, manufacturers and even hotels, our broad portfolio assures our customers of our extensive expertise in the services that we provide. Through the suggestions and feedbacks that we receive, we are able to create and develop services that allows our client to gain value in a sustainable way. We provide TxTLinQ service as a customized server application for internal operations, sales, marketing and customer service of various businesses using short message service (SMS) technology. HeadStart’s comprehensive CRM + IMS package assists clients in the conceptualization and implementation of upgraded customer service initiatives including administration of customer database and devising customer interaction strategies.

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